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Haul Post From Here To There


Here I'm....with my last two weeks shopping post. Here and There means TJ,Amazon and Walgreens :) I'm directly jumping to the topic so girls enjoy the pics....

 Zoya Nail Polish Remover from amazon $24

Dead Sea Treatment from TJ Maxx $6.99

CHI Iron Guard from TJ Maxx $11.99

Grapeseed Oil from Amazon $7.99 

Sundown Vitamin E Oil from Amazon $6.69

Tea Tree Oil from Amazon $18.45 oouch

Retinol Skin Brightener from TJ Maxx $6.99

Organic Rosemary Oil from Amazon $7.49

Almond Oil from Amazon $11.99

H2O Spa from TJ maxx $6.49

Sally Hansen Facial Bleach from Walgreens $5.99

Sally Hansen Magnetic Nail Color 
It was on deal buy one get one free from Walgreens $10.79 wooo

Wet n Wild Lipsticks
It was also on deal, actual price was $1.99 each and sale price was $1.49 each 

Hope you liked the haul post...