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HELLO GIRLS.........

                 Punjabi jutti is a type of footwear, which is very common in north India especially in PANJAB. In olden days,traditionally they made up with leather and embroidery with real gold and silver thread. But now they are available in rubber soles and so many other type of decoration like moti,sippi,dabka,cut work etc. Jutti have a flat sole but in men jutti they have sharp tip which curved upward.

You can pair juttis with almost every type of suit like simple salwar suit,patiala suit,anarkali suit and pajami suit.

And here, is my collection of jutti.....

                                                                 CUT WORK
Bought this pair from a local store of GOA right after my marriage.

                                                                 THREAD WORK
Bought it from a local store of KARNAL.

                                                                  CUT WORK
This pair is my most fav pair,it is very comfortable and they made of real leather.
Bought it from HAWALI Karnal Chandighar highway.

                                       SILVER AND COLORFUL THREAD WORK
Brought from a famous jutti store in KARNAL

                                             THREAD WORK WITH RUBBER SOLE
Bought from a local store of ROHATAK

                                                                THREAD WORK

                                           THREAD WORK WITH RUBBER SOLE

Hope you enjoyed the post....

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