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                              I purchased this facial brush 2 months ago from TJ Maxx and it was on sale. Can you guess the price...$60 $50??? No no, I got it only for $23 what a deal sir ji :)
Originally I wanted to buy clairsonic facial brush but it is very expensive around $150 but Pretika is a great alternative and very reasonable price. Pretika made all the same claims that the Clairsonic did smoother skin,dual speed,build in timer,dual head.

It has two power settings,two brushes, a recharging base and rechargeable batteries. It claims to use the sonic power,basically little waves of energy to remove cell and exfoliate the skin. It claims to reduce fine lines,pore size.
The process of cleansing is very easy you simply apply any cleanser to your wet face and pass the wet brush over the face. The process will take around 60 second,20 second per section of your face. It beeps when 20 second have elapsed and does so 3 times during the cleansing so each section of your face get equal time.The brushes are removable so, you can clean them easily.

My skin is combination skin type in summer and super dry and flaky in winter and fall season. So,right now is summer season here  and it helping me to control oil. I'm using it daily on lower setting and once or twice on stronger setting to exfoliate.
My skin is so smooth,its glowing and keeps the blackheads and whiteheads away from my nose and chin.

Price...$23(on sale) but actual price is $50

             Cordless design
             Build in rechargeable
             Two power settings
             Counter stand 
             Easy to use
             Good battery life

             Little pricey
             Tricky head removal

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