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MAC Eternal Sun Pro Longwear Blush

                             Today, I'm reviewing one of my favorite blush MAC Eternal Sun Pro Longwear Blush which is a beautiful warm brown color with a hint of orange shade.

The formula is probably the silkiest and softest I have ever came across,which makes them blend out easily.

What MAC says...
                              A lightweight blush with extreme color perfection and non-fading,eight hour wear,ultra fine,silky powder glides on and blend easily to provide a moist,flawless,natural finish or with layering,a brighter,more dramatic look.

It looked more matte on skin. It took four layers of product to achieve noticeable color. It's incredibly soft and silky.It is so amazing for contouring and good for applying to apple of your cheeks. It doesn't have any type of shimmer.

MAC says you can layer of product, but I didn't fine it very build able, because it disappear so easily.

            $25 for 0.21 US Oz

          soft and silky formula
          good for countering
          easy to blend
          matte finish

           fade after 4-5 hours