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Hello gorls...
                             Today, I'm reviewing about MAC Fix Plus spray. I heard a lot of great thing about it. I bought this spray because I thought it would be great skin refresher for summer. It is to be applied before and after makeup to freshen your face. It feels really nice on skin,and there is no bad smell just a nice fresh smell.

According to MAC...
                                  A soothing moisture mist that refresh the skin and finish makeup. Hold bottle 12" away from face and spray evenly.Use before and after makeup.
An aqua-spritz of vitamin and mineral,infused with a calm-the-skin blend of green tea,chamomile,cucumber.topped off with fresh,natural,energizing scent of sugi.

What is Fix +...
                           Basically it is a vitamin and mineral spray that you spritz onto your face to make your makeup look extra flawless.

Made in USA

                            I like that on the top of bottle you have the option to lock the pump so it doesn't leak during travel. The nozzle's design makes the product come out evenly so it covers your entire face with every spray.
When spraying, I hold the bottle 12" away from my face and spray it 2-3 times.

I've applied MAC foundation
Without spray 

With spray


Few ways to use Fix Plus...
  • You can use Fix+ to help slightly thin out thicker,creamier products.
  • Use Fix+ as a mixing medium to help put on loose pigments.
  • Sprint your face after you have finished applying you makeup.
  • Use Fix+ to refreshing to face before applying the makeup.
  • Use Fix+ to dilute your foundation and concealer.


             no weird smell
             great for applying before and after makeup
             no spill nozzle
             comes with build-in-pump
             lock and unlock nozzle design
             it is an awesome mixing medium tool

              could be sticky if applied too much

My Rating...

                I'm happy with this purchase. It makes my skin lot softer.
It you have tried it let me know what your thoughts are.