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Uses Of Tea-Tree Oil

                             Tea-tree oil and Tea oil are completely different product. Tea oil is the sweet seasoning and cooking oil. Tea-tree oil is yellowish colored essential oil that made from the leaves of the plant Melaleuca Alternifolia.
Tea-tree oil is most effective natural remedy I have ever tried for acne. It's even effective against cystic acne.
It is a light yellow in color and smells like camphor. It has a very strong smell that does linger for a while after applying it. It has a cooling effect like ice which last for 10-15 minutes.
People with sensitive skin should dilute tea-tree oil with water before using it to treat rashes,cuts and acne.

 This is a 100% pure tea-tree oil but one grip I've about this,however: no dropper :( so its hard to get one or two drops. It is a very light oil.

Price... $18.49 for 4 fl oz


  • use to treat acne
  • use for yeast infection
  • use for anti fungal infections
  • use on minor cuts and burns
  • use to loosen chest congestion 
  • use a small amount to shampoo to destroy head lice
  • use for dandruff and dry scalp
  • use to treat cold and cough
  • use to treat toothache
  • use to treat sunburn
  • use to treat dry skin
  • use top treat mosquito bite
  • use to treat minor rash
  • use to treat bad breath
  • use to reduce blemish/acne spot
  • use to treat itchiness
  • use to treat ringworm
  • use to treat ear infection
Hope you liked the post