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DIY ~ Coffee Face Mask

Hello Girls...
                     Today, I'm going to share a glowing skin secret (coffee  face mask)...sounds yummy :) Coffee mask is meant to brighten and tighten your skin.

I'm pretty sure that you have seen so many skin care products in the market that are focusing on ANTIOXIDANTS and coffee is naturally full of antioxidants. Coffee is a vasodilator which works to tighten & firm your skin. 

Things you need...
  • Instant coffee 1tbs
  • Rose water 1tsp
  • Lemon 1 tsp
  • Honey 1tsp (use honey if your are on dry side)
  • A bowl 

Coffee : It reduce the inflammation and redness. Coffee is a good exfoliator  too, so it remove the dead skin and improve your skin texture.

Lemon juice : Lemon contains natural vitamin C, it helps to reduce any blemish and brighten up you complexion.

Rose Water : Rose water helps clear all the impurities that your face collected.  It acts as an anti-inflammatory.

Honey : It will help to lock the moisture.

Preparation of yummy mask...
  1. Add 1tbs of instant coffee in a bowl
  2. Add 1tsp of rose water
  3. Add 1tsp of lemon water (NOTE : you can skip the lemon water, if you are on sensitive side)
  4. Mix everything together 

How to apply....
                          Spread it evenly on your face, you can use a flat brush or your fingers and let it sit for 20 minutes...lay back...relax...and enjoy the coffee aroma. Wash it with lukewarm water and follow with your favorite moisturizer.

Benefits of coffee mask

  • it helps eliminate wrinkles 
  • it tighten your skin
  • it decrease puffiness 
  • it brightens your skin
  • it improve circulation
  • it firm your skin

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comment...

Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer, Review, Swatch, Picture & LOTD

Hello Girls…
                     Today, I'm reviewing rimmel show off lip lacquer. Two weeks ago when I went to Walgreens to pick these lip lacquer…you can't believe :( there was only 3 colors left…ONLY 3...sob sob, so I picked all 3 shades (aurora,big bang & galaxy) but definitely I'll pick rest 10 shades later. These lip lacquer come in 14 different shades but I only picked up 3 shades for $2.50 each on sale but actual price is $4.99 each.

The Packaging…
                     I really like the packaging of these lip lacquer, the packaging is pretty different from other ordinary lip color/gloss tubes. The eye catching thing is, the ombre effect on the bottle/tube. It comes in plastic tube, the bottom of this tube is transparent, so you can check the shade on the bottom half and upper part (twisted cap) of the tube is  little glossy black with diamond crystal type shape.

The bad thing about the packaging is, it is sealed with a peel off sticker and once the sticker is gone then you may not know which shade is which :(... so be careful.

Ingredients (taken from google)...
                                                       Ricinus Communis (Castor) Seed Oil, Trisostearyl Citrate, Synthetic Fluorphlogopite, Ozokerite, Kaolin, Stearalkonium Hectorite, Calcium Aluminum Borosilicate, Propylene Carbonate, Phenoxyethanol, Silica, Parfum/Fragrance, Ascorbyl Phosphate, Serica (Silk Powder), Tocopheryl Acetate, Methylparaben, Propylparben, Tocopherol, Ethylparben, Retinyl Palmitate, Tin Oxide, May Contain (+/-):, Mica, Titanium Dioxide (CI 77891), D&C Red No. 7 Calcium Lake (CI 15850), D&C Red No. 6 Barium Lake (CI 15850), Iron Oxides (CI 77491, CI 77492, CI 77499), FD&C Yellow No 5 Aluminum Lake (CI 19140), D&C Red 27 Aluminum Lake (CI 45410), D&C Red No. 33 Aluminum Lake (CI 17200), FD&C BLUE NO. 1 ALUMINUM LAKE (CI 42090), FD&C Yellow No. 6 Aluminum Lake (CI 15985), Carmine (CI 75470)

The Applicator…
                     The applicator is a doe foot applicator which has a tiny dip/dent in the center of the foot to hold extra color and better control when applying. The wand of applicator is really flexible, so it helps on spreading the product.

About the product…
                                   According to rimmel it is neither a lipstick nor a gloss…it is bigger than both. Rimmel show off lip lacquer are just AMAZING…coverage, pigmentation, price…all perfect. Once the color sets, it stays put for most part... but yes there will be some transferring…I know its bad, personally I don't like transferring. The pigmentation of these lip lacquer are crazy, you will get perfect opaque coverage in single application. A little bit amount of product goes a long way, so you need just little bit amount. The formula of these lip lacquer is lightweight silky and smooth.


Aurora : Seems like Aurora is a combination of red,orange and pink shades or you can say it is a reddish coral shade.

Big Ban : Big bang is a true red color it is not too orange, not too blue and it is really pigmented shade. I guess big bang is the star of this range.

Galaxy : Galaxy is a mid tone plum shade with some fine shimmer in it but it is not very visible shimmer.




Shades available in US
  1. nova
  2. comet
  3. celestial
  4. big bang
  5. aurora
  6. solstice
  7. out of the world
  8. light year
  9. nude eclipse
  10. luna
  11. stellar
  12. stargazer
  13. apocaliptic
  14. light year


  • inexpensive
  • doesn't feel heavy on lips
  • awesome awesome pigmentation
  • a tiny bit amount goes a long way
  • opaque coverage in a single stroke
  • flexible applicator 
  • true to the color
  • comes in wide range of color
  • 5-6 hours of staying power with minor fading 
  • provide you semi-glossy finish
  • no weired smell
  • easy to use
  • transferring a bit
  • lack of moisturizer

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comment…


Hello Girls…
                     Today I'm reviewing an inexpensive eyeliner (wet-n-wild mega liner) which is really good for daily use. When I saw "MEGA" word on the bottle, my thoughts were that either this eye liner tip is thick or it is made for thick application or application feels bulky on eyelids. Honestly I didn't expect much to this eyeliner. I expected it to run, smudge, fade away and a cackey look.  But the case is totally opposite…I was wrong. I have pretty oily and sensitive eyelids and this eyeliner is perfect for me. It doesn't burn or irritate my eyes.

It is available in 4 shades black, plum, dark brown and turquoise.
Wet-n-wild mega eyeliner is shaped like an ordinary eye liner container with a long handle and I really like the handle because it is long enough to handle properly and gives a perfect grip during application.  And another thing which I like is... there is rubber tiered on the mouth of bottle which make easy to wipe off extra product from the brush.

The container 

Fine tip brush



  • the tip is very fine
  • it dries up fast
  • good pigmentation
  • excellent color payoff
  • good staying power
  • you can draw a slimmer/finer liner
  • easy to remove, can be take off with water
  • fairly inexpensive 
  • glides on smoothly
  • doesn't feel bulky on eyes
  • doesn't irritate the eyes
  • comes in sleek packaging
  • matte finish
  • doesn't stretch the eyes 
  • doesn't crack after drying
  • cap is long enough to hold 
  • contact lens safe
  • not tested on animals
  • available in bold colors

  •  none 

            $2.99 for 3.5ml

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comment…

7 Everyday Eye Makeup Tutorial

Hello Girls…
                     Today I'm sharing 7 simple and easy eye make up tutorials with you. I have created these looks for my 30 days eye makeup challenge….it was tough but I want to do this challenge one more time. Enjoy the pictures and tutorial…

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...


Hello Girls…
                      Today I'm sharing my January julep maven box, lately I'm in love with this box. Julep's January theme was Boudoir Collection.

 Inside the box...
  • 2 nail paints
  • 1quick dry drops
  • 2 mini nail buffers (bonus)
The Box

  • TADA Quick Dry Drops($14 and maven price $11.20) : I was really curious about this product…it is a magic, all you have to do is apply nail paint and wait for a minute and apply TADA quick drop on you nails and within few minutes your nails are dry….TADA

Nail paints

  • Mona : Julep describes it as storm cloud grey creme, it looks very dark in person,it almost looks like a black shade and I'm not a fan of shade like Mona. 

  • Abigail : Julep describes it as light peony pink silk, it is almost a nude shade with some fine shimmer in it.

Hope you like the post…

Retinol Vitamin Enriched Skin Brightener,Review,Pictures & Swatch

Hello Girls…
                      Today I'm reviewing Retinol Vitamin Enriched Skin Brightener.  I've been using this product for couple of months and good thing is I can see some noticeable results. I bought this for my old acne scares. Initially I was not impressed with the product but after few weeks (around 2 weeks) I have noticed some changes in my skin texture. I was happy and decided to continue and hoping, it will disappear/reduce my old stubborn acne scares. After a continuous use approximately 2 months, it lightened my acne scares. I can't say much about the fine lines and dark circle but it works for my acne scare. 

                      Water (Aqua), Propylene Glycol, Ethylhexyl Palmitate, Isododecane, Glyceryl Stearate, PEG-100 Stearate, Dimethicone, Glycerin, Cetyl Alcohol, Sodium Ascorbyl Phosphate, Cetearyl Olivate, Sorbitan Olivate, Dimethyl Sulfone, Fragrance, Saxifraga Sarmentosa Extract, Vitis Vinefera (Grape) Fruit Extract, Morus Bombycis Root Extract, Scutellaria Baicalensis Root Extract, Retinyl Palmitate, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Citric Acid, Diazolidinyl Urea, Methylparaben, Propylparaben, Disodium EDTA.

Quick Review

  • comes in a sleek bottle with built-in pump
  • easy to use
  • travel friendly
  • can be use on face and body
  • formulated with botanical and fruit extract
  • contains 200,000 IU's vitamin A
  • doesn't have any unpleasant smell
  • doesn't break me out
  • doesn't irritate the skin
  • lightweight
  • runny consistency
  • little amount of product goes along way
  • spread evenly
  • improves the skin texture
  • brighten the skin
  • evens out skin tone 
  • lighten the scare
  • minimize the appearance of discoloration 
  • absorb quickly
  • non greasy
  • good for dry,oily and combination skin
  • regular store price $17.99 for 30 ml, I got mine from discounted store around $7 or $8 
  • use at least 30+ days for noticeable result, slow result :( so don't be disappoint after 7-8 days
  • use daily morning and evening, I'm using it once in a day

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments….

Year 2013 empties

Hello Girls…
                     Today I'm sharing my year 2013 empties and stuff I'm throwing away. 

  • Olive grove olive oil shower gel... This is the best shower gel for dry skin. Definitely I'll repurchase it.
  • Pure silk shave cream It was just okay product. I'm not gonna repurchase it.
  • NYC cheek glow blush... It was a junk, it was laying in my vanity since 2011 so throwing it. 

  • Oleksandra moisturizing lotion...I got this lotion from Olekesandra Spa in Las Vegas. I would love to repurchase it.

  • True blue manicure hand scrubThis is great 1 minute scrub and coarse enough. Yes, I'll repurchase it.
  • Lush facial cleanserThis is my HG product, it is perfect for my dry skin. Already got one.
  • St. Ives apricot cleanserAgain... this is my HG product. It is perfect. I can not even think to buy any other facial scrub.
  • H2O+ Spa foaming body polish… It was my first product from H20+ and it was my first body polish/scrub too. Check my review HERE Love it and I'll repurchase it.
  • H2O+ marine daily hydratorI hate this facial moisturizer,it stinks. It smells like a fevicol. I'm so glad this got discontinued .
  • Stress relief body lotionI can't say wether it is a stress reliever or not but I love the smell.

  • Maybelline moisture extreme, raspberry rush and rum raisin…I love these lipsticks. This is  really a moisture extreme lipstick. Click  HERE and HERE here for  more pics and review

  • Revlon LipstickI really don't know the shade or number of this lipstick but I love the color and texture. I'm throwing it away because it is really really old lipstick in my collection.Check  HERE more pics
  • Maybelline Lipstick mineral powder, Chestnust This lipstick is extremely smooth and moist. The color is rosy brown with awesome pigmentation. This is my first  finished lipstick…yahayyy
  • Body shop lemon & ginger tinted lip balmIt is a extremely smooth and creamy lip balm.
  • Sephora lip treatment SPF 15 in Rose and Berry Fresh I got these lip balm as a birthday gift from Sephora. These are awesome lip balms. These are free from parabens,sulfates,synthetic dyes,petrochemicals,phthalates,GMOs and triclosan AWESOME. Yes, I'll repurchase them

  • Body shop lip tint in Violet Mint, Almond Color and Megenta Mint…I like violet and magenta mint but almond color was yuck but these are really old lip tint so I'm throwing them.

  • Maybelline superstay lip color in Sienna and RubyI absolutely hate touch up my lipstick and with this range…hands down,no need of touch up. You can not wear these lip color without the balm because they are extremely sticky. Click HERE for more pics and review. These lipsticks are almost 6 years old so I'm throwing.

  • Schwarzkopf dandruff shampoo and conditionerLove this shampoo. This is an excellent product. I always suffer from dry scalp and flakes during winter time but this product soothed my scalp. I don't like the conditioner. It doesn't seem remotely moisturizing and didn't seems to smooth the texture. I'll repurchase the shampoo but a BIG NO to conditioner.
  • L'oreal sulphate free shampoo and conditioner…Love it…good thing is…it is sulphate free. It doesn't have any strong smell. I highly recommend this shampoo and conditioner especially if you straighten your hair. Yes, I'll repurchase it.

  • Nexxus sleektress shampoo and conditioner…This shampoo smells like mixture of coconut and vanilla…yum…This left my hair soft,silky,smooth and shiny. Yes, I'll repurchase it. 

  • Aveeno baby wash and shampooAre you laughing or wondering? I have answer… I was going through really bad dandruff,so one my friend asked me to use baby shampoo and I thought lets give it a try, so long story short…no change in my dandruff. I was using it to wash my makeup brushes. 

  • Milani eye pencil…The texture goes on soft,creamy,smooth and color turns out blackest. Usually I use matte black e/w such as MAC carbon over it and smudge it with an angled liner brush. Already got one.
  • NYC eye pencilHATE this eye pencil. 

Hope you like the post...


Hello Girls…
                      I know I'm super late for this post but still I wanted to share this with you. Lets talk about the box…the first thing is December box was silver instead of julep's regular black and as usual box was packed nicely. The theme of December month was GLITTERATI. This month, again I got classic with twist which includes…

  •  a neutral  eyeshadow palette
  •  two nail paints 
  •  two twist bands as a bonus.

The Box

Eyeshadow Palette & Nail Paints

Nail Paints…
                      As usual julep add two nail colors in the box.

  • Jillian : It is a deep eggplant shade with bronze molten, It is unappealing in first coat but after second coat…it is just WOW
  • Mia : It is a greenish silver metallic shade, it is full of shimmer... but it is not impossible to use. I'm not a huge fan of glittery shades.
Nail Paint Swatch

Eyeshadow palette…
                                  This palette is formulated with anti-aging ingredients. It includes five eyeshadows and a mirror. This  palette isn't very large…it is really a tiny palette, each pan holds only .02oz eyeshadow/powder. Total weight of this palette is only 0.1 oz It is like a sample palette. At julep retail price of this palette is $24 (received full size) and maven price is $19.20 On top of that packaging of this palette is really cheap.

Shades include in the palette…

  • Tiramisu : which is a nude matte shade with some yellow undertone, but I think it is too dark to use as a highlighter. Biggest downfall of the palette.
  • Glow : it is a golden shade with shimmer, this gonna be my favorite shade from the palette
  • Dusk : it is a brown shade with mauve undertone 
  • Toffee : it is a shimmery bronze shade
  • Cocoa : it is a chocolate brown shade with golden shimmer
Eyeshadow Swatch

Hope you like the post...

H2O+ Spa Sea Salt Foaming Body Polish

Hello Girls…
                      Today I'm reviewing H2O+ spa sea salt foaming body polish, it is my HG product. I love sea salt based products. The mixture isn't messy at all. I love love the smell, it has very re freshening smell like the sea. It doesn't really foam but it does a pretty good job exfoliating and smoothing the skin.

It is not too oily, and doesn't leave too much of a residue when you put it on. It has beads in it and it is not rough on the skin. A tiny bit of product goes a long way and you don't have to rub hard to get the result.

                     It comes in a sleek tube packaging with a flip over white lid on the top. The tube packaging is much more hygienic than the jar packaging of other H2O+ scrubs. I always prefer tube packaging because its clean, convenient and hygienic.


How to use
 Take a small amount of product and massage over damp skin in circular motion and rinse with water.

End Result
smooth and polished skin

Overall I love this product and I'll repurchased it.

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments…


Year 2013 Favorite : Makeup, Skincare & Haircare

Hello Girls…
                     Today I'm sharing those products I reach for most of the time during year 2013 My list is pretty long so please keep scrolling and don't forget to leave your valuable comments.

POISON DIOR PERFUME … I love perfumes and this one is my favorite. I love the smell... love the bottle. I got it last year on Valentines day and now it is almost finished…time to get a new one.

CHI FLAT IRON GUARD… This is my all time favorite for any heat treatment. This is my second bottle.

OLIVE GROVE SHOWER GEL,OLIVE OIL… It is perfect for winter or people like me who have really dry skin throughout the year.

H20 HAIR REPAIR SEAWEED MASQUE… This is the best hair repair masque I ever used.




NOW GRAPESEED OIL… This is the best oil to reduce scalp dryness/dandruff.

ST. IVES APRICOT SCRUB… I'll buy this scrub till last day of my life absolutely love it.

TRUE BLUE SPA BLACKBERRY PEEL OFF FACE MASQUE…Usually I hate peel off masques but this one is superb. It is best for oily skin beauties.

LUSH FACIAL CLEANSER… I got it second time and it is perfect for winter. It doesn't dry out the skin. 

NYX EYESHADOW BASE…I have love-hate relationship with this product, so I'm not sure weather it is my favorite or not :) 

MAC EYESHADOW,CARBON…This is one of the best matte black eyeshadow I ever used. 




LANCOME DOLL LASHES MASCARA…This is my all time favorite mascara. I have used it every single day of my 30 days eye makeup challenge. 

RIMMEL GLAM EYES PROFESSIONAL LIQUID EYELINER…I love the fine tip of this liner and glossy finish too. It does not give a heavy feel on eyes.

MILANI EYELINER PENCIL… This is the best eyeliner pencil, it does not irritate my eyes.


RETINOL SKIN BRIGHTENER This is my first skin brightener , initially I wasn't happy with this product but now I can't live without it.

CHANEL PERFECTION LUMIERE FOUNDATION…Absolutely love this foundation.

CHANEL BASE LUMIERE…Perfect for combination skin 

LANCOME EFFACERNES WATERPROOF CONCEALER…It is a pretty thick formula but it works good if you have really dark acne scars and dark circle.


MAYBELLINE BABY LIPS…This is my most favorite product...absolutely…absolutely love this product.





MAC CLEAR GLASS…It is perfect to wear over the pencil liners. 

Hope you like the post...