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Hello Girls…
                      I know I'm super late for this post but still I wanted to share this with you. Lets talk about the box…the first thing is December box was silver instead of julep's regular black and as usual box was packed nicely. The theme of December month was GLITTERATI. This month, again I got classic with twist which includes…

  •  a neutral  eyeshadow palette
  •  two nail paints 
  •  two twist bands as a bonus.

The Box

Eyeshadow Palette & Nail Paints

Nail Paints…
                      As usual julep add two nail colors in the box.

  • Jillian : It is a deep eggplant shade with bronze molten, It is unappealing in first coat but after second coat…it is just WOW
  • Mia : It is a greenish silver metallic shade, it is full of shimmer... but it is not impossible to use. I'm not a huge fan of glittery shades.
Nail Paint Swatch

Eyeshadow palette…
                                  This palette is formulated with anti-aging ingredients. It includes five eyeshadows and a mirror. This  palette isn't very large…it is really a tiny palette, each pan holds only .02oz eyeshadow/powder. Total weight of this palette is only 0.1 oz It is like a sample palette. At julep retail price of this palette is $24 (received full size) and maven price is $19.20 On top of that packaging of this palette is really cheap.

Shades include in the palette…

  • Tiramisu : which is a nude matte shade with some yellow undertone, but I think it is too dark to use as a highlighter. Biggest downfall of the palette.
  • Glow : it is a golden shade with shimmer, this gonna be my favorite shade from the palette
  • Dusk : it is a brown shade with mauve undertone 
  • Toffee : it is a shimmery bronze shade
  • Cocoa : it is a chocolate brown shade with golden shimmer
Eyeshadow Swatch

Hope you like the post...