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Tuesday Tip #1 How to apply perfect winged eyeliner (Tape trick)

Hello girls...
Today I'll be showing you a simple and quick way to achieve perfect winged eyeliner. The perfect eyeliner is ever fashionable and flattering for most eye shapes. A little extra line/flick of liner has been done by women since the 50's or 60's and to this day.

If you have a difficult time getting a perfect wing or you don't have steady hands...don't worry...here is the trick "tape trick" Yes, I'm talking about a regular cello tape.

Things you need...

  • a piece of tape/cello tape
  • any eyeliner of your choice (I'm using liquid one)

Note ~ Creating a straight line requires a bit  practice, you can either draw a single stroke line or small strokes line.
Another thing is if you have sensitive skin, please don't apply tape on your skin. Instead of applying tape you can do this by holding something with hard edge like a  business card. 

Step 1. Start with clean eye/lid. Grab a two inch long piece of tape and apply it on your hand to remove the stickiness.

Step 2. Apply this tape along with your lower lash line and pointed towards the end of your brow.

Step 3. Grab your eyeliner and start at the middle of your upper lash line.

Step 4. Starting from inner corner of your eye and moving towards the middle line you just drew.

Step 5. Draw a line till your outer corner of your eye.

Step 6. To create your eyeliner wing, draw a line starting from the outer corner or simply draw a line along with tape.

Step 7. Now join this wing line to middle of your upper lash line and fill the space.

Step 8. Remove the tape and apply eyeliner to 1/3 of lower lash line(outer side only)

Step 9. Apply kohl or pencil liner to rest of your lower lash line and your water lines.

Step 10. Apply mascara.

Final Look

Stay tune for more tips and tricks...

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments.

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