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Tuesday Tip # 3 Winged Liner with card trick

Hello girls...Today I'm sharing an another technique/tip/trick of applying winged eye liner. Applying winged liner is always a struggle for beginners but you can do it with practice and couple of techniques like tape trick check  here and here 

Things you need
  • a business card or any old credit card
  • eye liner of your choice 


Step 1.take a business card and align the card with the bottom of your upper lash. Card placement is the key so make sure place the card at right angle . Check the picture below.

Step 2. draw a line along the edge of card and wait for couple of seconds and remove the card.

Step 3. join that line to the middle of your lash line and now line rest of the eye, try to stay close to your lash line as possible.

Step 4.now find your eye shade and figure out where are how much to build out the shape and fill the space between line.

Stay tune for more tips...

Hope you liked the tutorial and don't forget to leave your valuable comments....

Julep Maven April Box ~ picture,swatch & review

Hello girls...This month's theme was the VIVID Collection. The April julep maven box bought my attention with its pretty blushes. Though I'm not a blush person but still I'm always looking for blush that give the skin natural glow. For this reason, I was drawn to julep's blushes specially after reading that it defuses the appearance of pores and imperfections,while diamond powder gives cheeks a luminous glow.

Inside the box...

  • a blush
  • 2 nail paints
  • 2 candies as a bonus
First Look

Inside the box


Blush in Peach Bellini...
Julep says"this is a groundbreaking formula diffuses the appearance of pores and imperfections,while diamond powder gives cheeks a luminous glow" Peach bellini has a subtle shimmer in it but my camera didn't pick up properly,it is much prettier in person and less pinky. I'll review this blush soon.

Nail Paints

Nail Paints...

  • Caitlin ~ Julep described it as "shocking hibiscus with gold iridescent shimmer" It is a bright magenta shade with a hint of gold shimmer. I like how subtle is gold shimmer is,you can barely even see it. It is bright but still classic and it will go well with my Indian outfits.

  • Mariska ~ Julep described it as "Juicy tangerine with iridescent shimmer" It is a bright hot orange shade and went opaque in single coat. It dried with matte finish. I'm not sure if I can wear this nail paint.

So far I like my April box...

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...

Lancome Effacernes Waterproof Concealer ~ review,picture and swatch

                              Today I'm reviewing LANCĂ”ME effacernes waterproof concealer. It comes in a small sleek tube. It is available in 12 shades… AMAZING... which means most people can find good match. The formula is liquid and quite moisturizing and it is very pigmented too. This concealer is blend like a dream and a little amount of product goes a long way. Usually, I squeezed a small dot of the product and dot the product on my dark circle and few other problem areas. It gives medium to full coverage which is good enough for me.

Sorry for the bad picture quality

My Quick Review

  • travel friendly packaging
  • comes in 12 shades
  • moisturizing 
  • works well on dry patched
  • easy blending
  • awesome pigmentation 
  • spread evenly
  • a small dot of product goes a long way
  • stay around 6-7 hours
  • waterproof
  • medium to full coverage
  • hygienic
  • matte finish

  • price $29 for 14 g

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments…

Weekend DIY project ~ Banana moisture hair mask for dry scalp and hair

Hello girls...Today I'm sharing my weekend DIY recipe for dry and dull hair. I know DIY projects are little messy but these homemade mask are natural and very nourishing to the scalp. Other than that,making homemade hair mask is not only very cheap but also very easy to make with simple ingredients from your kitchen.

In this recipe I'm using BANANA as a main ingredient, so girls don't be scared and keep scrolling... 

Things you need

1.Yogurt ~ 3 tbs
  • add shine to the dull hair
  • good for dandruff 
  • prevent hair loss 
2.Grapeseed Oil ~  2 tbs
  • help hair grow faster
  • moisturizes scalp
  • help to straighten hair
  • natural conditionar
  • combats dandruff problems
3. Honey ~ 1 tbs 
  • excellent conditioner
  • make the hair shiny
  • has anti bacterial properties
  • act as a humectant and prevent hair loss
4.Vitamin E oil ~ 5-6 drops
  • repair splits ends
  • prevent pre mature greying
  • add shine
  • stimulate growth
5. Banana ~2(depending on your hair length)
  • repair the damage hair
  • improve hair manageability
  • add softness
  • good for dry and itchy scalp
  • moisture rich

How to prepare
Combine all the ingredients in a mixer/grinder/blender and grind it well.

How to apply
Apply the mask to your hair from roots to ends and let the mask soak into your hair for about 30 minutes and cover it with a shower cap or clear cling wrap. Rinse with water,then shampoo and condition your hair.

Note ~ How to deal with banana chunks 
First of all take a deep breath and have patience...after washing,if u see any banana chunks in your hair WAIT and let your hair 50% air dry or if you are in hurry use hair dryer on medium setting then take a wide tooth comb and run through.
 Let your hair 75% dry and run through a narrow teeth comb 2-3 times.
 When your hair are 100% dry, comb again with a narrow teeth comb and your will be banana chunk free...tada...check the pictures below...

Have you ever tried any home made hair mask?

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...

My First FOTD ~ smokey eyes with nude lips

Hello girls...I really enjoying looking at other bloggers FOTD (face of the day) and OOTD(outfit of the day) posts and today I'm sharing my first FOTD post and it is totally out of my comfort zone but I thought it will be fun to step outside of my comfort zone. I have put my face on blog before but I have never done a proper FOTD post. Let me know what you think about this look, please share your thoughts in comment section below...


How to get this look...

  • apply moisturizer all over your face
  • apply primer
  • conceal your problem areas
  • apply foundation with beauty sponge and blend it 
  • dust face powder all over the face
  • lightly highlight your cheek bone

Products Used For Face 

Products Used For Eyes

Check here for step-by-step Tutorial

Products Used For Lips

  • apply a lip balm on your lips
  • line your lips and fill them
  • apply a clear lip gloss

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comment...

Olive Green Cut Crease Eye Makeup Tutorial ~ Step-by-step

Hello girls...
Today I'm sharing a cut crease eye makeup tutorial and I'm doing it after a long...long time I think this is my first eye makeup tutorial after 30 days eye makeup challenge here ...oops...seems like I took a really long break from eye makeup tutorials. Anyways keep scrolling for the tutorial...

Products Used...

  • urban decay e/w primer
  • MAC kohl pencil 
  • shany cosmetic 120 e/w palette
  • nars albatross highlighter here
  • lancome doll eyes mascara

Step 1. apply an e/w base all over your eye.

Step 2. Sketch your crease line with black kohl or sketch it like a 'V' make the line thicker towards the outer corner and thinner towards the inner corner(Check the picture below)

Step 3.line your upper lash line with the black kohl and start blending that outer 'V' with a shader brush (blend upwards towards the outer corner)

Step 4. grab your angle liner brush and apply dark olive green e/w over the kohl and fill the outer part with tiny inward strokes to create the depth on outer corner.(Focus on outer side only

Step 5. apply light olive e/w to rest of your eye.

Step 6. take your angle blending brush and soft brown e/w, apply it to your crease area and blend it inward(be very gentle)

Step7. apply kohl or pencil liner to your water line and lower lash line(optional) grab your angle liner brush and apply dark olive e/w to your lower lash line

Step 8. apply mascara and highlight your brow bone.

Hope you liked the tutorial and don't forget to leave your valuable comments....

Beauty and Benefits of Papaya Vol # 2

Hello girls...
Today I'm sharing "papaya" benefits for skin. Papaya is packed with numerous health benefits and it has become known ingredient in skin whitening products. Papaya contains "papain"which is a natural enzyme that promote skin renewal.

Why papaya?

  • it helps exfoliating the skin to revel the new cells
  • it contains enzymes 
  • helps soften the skin
  • helps whiten the skin
  • it contains vitamin C vitamin E and beta-carotene, which controls premature aging

image source

Beauty and Papaya...

To brighten the skin ~ rub the papaya peel over the freshly washed face. Leave it for 5-10 minutes and rinse with cold water.

To hydrate ~ make the papaya puree and add few drops of honey apply it all over your face and hands. Leave it for 15-20 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

To tone ~ make papaya puree and add a tsp of rice flour and few drops of whole milk or milk cream,mix it well. Leave it for 15 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

For sore heals ~ apply mashed papaya for the sore and cracked heels.

To remove blemish ~ apply papaya puree over your clean face and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.

To reduce pimple ~ apply raw papaya puree on pimples leave it for 25-30 minutes. Rinse it with cold water.

Use as a body scrub ~ mix mashed raw papaya with sea salt, olive oil and honey.

Cure tanning ~ mix equal part of papaya puree and yogurt and apply it on effected area. Leave it for 30 minutes and rinse it with cold water.

Check beauty and benefits of orange Vol # 1 HERE

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...

Red lipsticks in my collection ~ pictures and swatch

Hello Girls…
                      Today I'm sharing my favorite 4 Red lipsticks, which are really good for Indian skin tone.

  • Wet-n-wild, Spotlight Red
  • Loreal color riche, Real Red
  • MAC Matte, Ruby Woo
  • MAC Dobonnet 

Wet-N-Wild,Spotlight Red
Wet-N-Wild,Spotlight Red…
                                               Wet-N-Wild,Stoplight Red 911D It is a really bright,attention-seeking warm-toned red color.  This lippy look good on many skin tones. 

 MAC Matte Ruby Woo

 MAC Matte Ruby Woo…
                                           Ruby Woo is a retro matte formula based lipstick.It is a red color lipstick with blue undertone. It is a highly pigmented. 

 Loreal Colour Riche,Real Red

Loreal Colour Riche,Real Red…
                                                    Loreal colour riche,real red 301 it is a very creamy and hydrating on lips and color is lightly sheered but it is not true red. It is somewhere between red and brown...but I like it.

MAC Dubbonet

MAC Dubbonet...
                               MAC Dubbonet is a rich,deep shade of red with brown undertone. It is not a blue or nor an orange based shade. It has a very pretty sheen.

Which one is your favorite red lipstick?

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments…

Tuesday Tip # 2 Perfect Winged eyeliner application with step-by-step picture tutorial

Hello Girls...
How was your weekend? Mine was super dull and boring...anyways today I'm sharing another trick to apply winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner has been a beauty staple for decades,and we are still seeing it everywhere. Check another way to apply perfect winged eyeliner Here 

Things you need...

  • a tape
  • a gel liner
  • a liner brush
Note ~ Do not apply tape,if you have sensitive skin.


Step 1. start with the clean eye and take 2 pieces of tape, apply that on the back of your hand to remove the stickiness.

Step 2. apply tape along with your outer lower lash line and pointed towards the end of your brow bone.

Step 3. apply another piece of tape to upper lid, hold the piece of tape and apply it close to your inner corner of upper lash line and little bit angled towards the outer lash line(depending upon the way you want the line to be.

Step 4. grab your liner brush and fill the gap between your upper as well as lower lash line and tape. Remove the tape (if you are using a liquid eyeliner,wait for couple of seconds) 

Step 5. If you see any uneven application like mine(upper lash line,pic 2),try to make it even with small strokes. 

Step 6. apply kohl/kajal to your waterline(optional)

Step 7. apply liner or kohl or kajal to your lower lash line(optional)

Complete look

Stay tune for more tips...

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...