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Tuesday Tip # 2 Perfect Winged eyeliner application with step-by-step picture tutorial

Hello Girls...
How was your weekend? Mine was super dull and boring...anyways today I'm sharing another trick to apply winged eyeliner. Winged eyeliner has been a beauty staple for decades,and we are still seeing it everywhere. Check another way to apply perfect winged eyeliner Here 

Things you need...

  • a tape
  • a gel liner
  • a liner brush
Note ~ Do not apply tape,if you have sensitive skin.


Step 1. start with the clean eye and take 2 pieces of tape, apply that on the back of your hand to remove the stickiness.

Step 2. apply tape along with your outer lower lash line and pointed towards the end of your brow bone.

Step 3. apply another piece of tape to upper lid, hold the piece of tape and apply it close to your inner corner of upper lash line and little bit angled towards the outer lash line(depending upon the way you want the line to be.

Step 4. grab your liner brush and fill the gap between your upper as well as lower lash line and tape. Remove the tape (if you are using a liquid eyeliner,wait for couple of seconds) 

Step 5. If you see any uneven application like mine(upper lash line,pic 2),try to make it even with small strokes. 

Step 6. apply kohl/kajal to your waterline(optional)

Step 7. apply liner or kohl or kajal to your lower lash line(optional)

Complete look

Stay tune for more tips...

Hope you like the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...