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Tuesday Tip # 3 Winged Liner with card trick

Hello girls...Today I'm sharing an another technique/tip/trick of applying winged eye liner. Applying winged liner is always a struggle for beginners but you can do it with practice and couple of techniques like tape trick check  here and here 

Things you need
  • a business card or any old credit card
  • eye liner of your choice 


Step 1.take a business card and align the card with the bottom of your upper lash. Card placement is the key so make sure place the card at right angle . Check the picture below.

Step 2. draw a line along the edge of card and wait for couple of seconds and remove the card.

Step 3. join that line to the middle of your lash line and now line rest of the eye, try to stay close to your lash line as possible.

Step 4.now find your eye shade and figure out where are how much to build out the shape and fill the space between line.

Stay tune for more tips...

Hope you liked the tutorial and don't forget to leave your valuable comments....