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Tuesday Tip # 4 how to prevent waterline smudging

Hello girls... Today I'll be showing you how to prevent waterline smudging. I love applying kohl on my waterlines but the only problem is it smudge after couple of minutes. I know there are lots of products in the market with terms "smudge proof" and waterproof" but they are good only for couple of hours and again same pain...same panda eyes.
When I was in India I was talking to my sister and cousin about this "smudge thing" and my nani (grandmother) told me use surma (powder kajal) on top of kajal/kohl and I was...nani you too and then she told me all the beauty stories...that was fun. So I got this idea from my grandmother and believe me girls it is big hit for me.

Things you need...

  • a kajal/kohl of your choice
  • angled brush
  • powder black eyeshadow 

Step 1.
apply kohl on your water line 

Step 2.
dab your brush in black eyeshadow and pat it gently on your water line and you are done.

It was fine up to 6-7 hours and after that you can see a bit fading in picture below(after 8 hours) specially in outer corner but still...it's not that bad. 

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments....