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Wearable ombre lips ~ Tutorial

 These days, it's all about the ombre lips. But what exactly is it? Ombre means having two shades that are monochromatic or in other words it is a very similar gradation of color that evolves from lightest to darkest shade.

I really wanted to wear ombre lips but not something dramatic one...and here is my version of ombre lips.

step 1. scrub,moisturize and conceal your lips.

step 2. carefully line your lips with a darkest or brown lip pencil and pull the pencil slightly more towards to the centre of your lips.

step 3. now apply a darker shade over it and blend it with a lip brush.

step 4. apply a lighter shade of in the same color family or a white pencil(like NYX jumbo pencil in milk) in middle of your lips.

step 5. carefully blend both shades with a lip brush.

step 6. now apply foundation or canceler around your lips to clean the mess,make sure blend the foundation properly.

Product used

Have you tried ombre lips? 

Hope you liked the post and don't forget to leave your valuable comments...